" The top specialist company in the world "


Now positions itself as the best specialist company that's unique on its own.

There is a company that grows younger as time passes.

It is a customer-oriented company.


AZTECH WB is a company that aspires to understand the deepest desires of customers,

needs that customers themselves may not even recognize.

AZTECH WB is passionate about creating products to fulfill these needs.

It puts all its efforts into making a better future for our customers and ourselves.


Rossum is brand of AZTECH WB


is the first national key enterprise with

high and new technology in wool and

wool blended fabric manufacturer in S.Korea

Rossum is a combination of the words “royal” / “rose” and “sum”, and it means a flower of textiles (Sum: 纖, referring to textiles in Korean).

High quality textiles produce excellent suits and have marked the beginning of high fashion.

They present craftsmanship that pursues perfection and exquisite elegance,

which are the basics of haute couture. Rossum expresses it corporate spirit of pursuing the highest quality,

congeniality, and open mindedness by having strong will and not giving up on any challenges or difficulties in attaining new possibilities.

It's visual expression is its promise and guarantee.

Hence, its signature-type logo represents noble craftsmanship and adds the elegance with the use of violet color,

which represents classicism and nobility.

The Rossum mark with its slogan is used in all media to represent the company, and it plays an important role in conveying the company’s image.

Thus, the regulated shape and color should be strictly followed.

The minimum size regulation for the logo is set considering the reproduction possibility of the Rossum mark,

so reproducing it smaller than the minimum size is prohibited.

As for large sizes that are impossible to prints using a computer,

they should be accurately designed according to the symbol mark grids proposed in this item.

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