2016.09 Presidential Award for Job Creation
2015.10 Recognition of luxury longevity company
2015.03 Woolen fabric KS K2610 (NO. 15-0151) Certificate of KS product certification
2014.12 Selected as a Leading Company in BUSAN
2014.12 Enter in INNO-BIZ Company
2011.07 Received the special award in 2011 Small Business in BUSAN ( ceo Jae-Myeong, Huh )
2010.10 Received the minister award for a model CEO on the 24th "Textile day"
2009.09 Best Human Resources Development Company Certification (Ministry of _abor)
2007.02 Part, material specialist designation (Ministry of Commerce)
2006.01 Appointment of new CEO Jae-Myeong. Huh
2004.11 Confirmation of parts material specialty enterprise (The Minister of Commerce)
2003.06 Received the Quality Business Management System Certification KSA 9001 ISO 9001 (KTCERTI)
2001.11 Received the 38th "Trade Day" 5 Million Dollars Export Award
2000.11 Received the Presidential Award For Good Entrepreneur on the 14th "Fiber Day"
2000.08 The 1st Small Silver Textile Technology Innovation Daejeon Sliver award (The Minister of Commerce)
2000.06 Award for Best Small and Medium Business (Presidential Commission on Small and Medium Enterprise)
2000.05 Became a KOSDAQ registered corporation and member of the KOSDAQ Registered Corporations Society
2000.04 Changed company name AztechWB co. Ltd
1999.01 Received the 9th Korean Fiber Award for New Fiber Development
1998.11 Venture business designation (Busan, Ulsan Small and Medium Business Administration)
1997.02 Selected as Vision 21 Leading Company (Busan, Ulsan Small and Medium Business Administration)
1996.12 Received the 1st Small and Medium Company Technology Competition Award Best Prize (Minister of Commerce and Industry)
1996.05 AZTECH trademark registration ( type fiver dye processing method)
1995.08 Selected as a Promising Advanced Technological Company (Ministry of Commerce and Industry)
1995.04 The AZTECH subsidiary research center was approved
1995.02 Received the Model Entrepreneur Award (Minister of Commerce and Industry)
1993.11 Received the First Busan City Industry Peace Award (Busan City Mayor)
1993.09 Received the Korean Fiber Award Grand Prize (Korean Fiber Newspaper)
1991.10 Construction and poeration of the new office (product were moved inside the Shinpyeong Dyeing Complex)
1969.10.27 Wangbul products were founded